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The Plan

Our Plan is to start an incubation center and to expand to several on the island.  The centers will consist of a workshop and office type area that will house seminars, classes, and a meeting place for people of all ages to come and work on technology-related projects. A membership-based tool library, a free tech shop and computer lab are some solid projects we expect to have. Roadmap for our goals coming soon.  If you know anybody who is renting a suitable space or would like to contribute in any way please contact us here.


We already have a few computers, a 3D printer, Arduino project kits, Sensors, Soldering Irons etc, but the more we can obtain the better.


Using a portion of the funds generated by website design and marketing local businesses will keep the incubation center alive. The fact local businesses will be using our service to accomplish their marketing goals will give us a stable and a reliable platform to fund a place for people to go and learn, have fun and be constructive.  Contributions or volunteer work will be accepted and used to further the advancement of the technology we use , the tools we have access to and more.


The impact that is expected is all positive. Our repair program and our workshop will make the demand for 'broken' electronics higher, diverting them from the dump. Even if a TV is broken many capacitors, resistors and other types of electronic components can be used for future projects. Successful repairs using parts from broken electronics will be the epitome of going 'green'. The confidence boost one gets from repairing their own electronics or making their own website can be worth it all on its own. The ability to do such things gives people the chance to make money in different ways. Possibly bringing money in from off the island to spend here. Making our way of life more comfortable. A problem that is often seen on the island is 'boredom', if you aren't hunting, fishing, hiking, boating or on a quad then it may be hard to find yourself a hobby on the island.  That's not to say there's is nothing to do here, but the options for tech-minded people are limited. We hope to fill that void and make Manitoulin Island not only a place you can go fishing, but you can also fix your fish finder. The impact of such a program will keep minds on a constructive path.

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